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A professional, multi-room Recording Studio in the center of Beverly Hills.

Built and designed by Brad Keeler shortly after completing his remodel of the iconic Capitol Records Studio A, this space features an acoustically treated live room with covered diffusion walls, absorbing ceiling panels and mic bays that feed to the control room, which features asymmetrical design, bass traps, a visible wooden diffuser and a large two pane window for visibility between the rooms. 


Complete with a large outside patio with a fire pit, this studio maintains a sleek, minimalistic and modern design. Decorated with a plethora of instruments and effects bathed in changing LEDs, the space breeds inspiration.

The rooms can be used for recording, production, songwriting, overdubbing, vocal production, podcasting or voice-over work. 

For serious inquires and those interested in a detailed inventory of our equipment, speakers, and instruments, please reach out.

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